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As a pack we are not rugged individualists. We focus on teamwork and building long-term relationships to achieve the premiere video content you’ve been searching for. With decades of experience, Painted Dog Media will bring your vision to life and help share your message with the world.

"Painted dogs develop a deep and rich social bond, with the success of the pack relying heavily on the leadership of an alpha female. There are accounts of packs caring for their sick and mourning lost family members.”



Kara began her career in film and television after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film, Media and Visual Studies. She then pursued a career in wildlife filmmaking in the Kruger National Park. After that she felt the next wild step would be in the direction of children’s television. She then joined Okuhle Media as a video producer on the award winning daily live show - Hectic Nine 9. Her time in the African bush with painted dogs as well as the wild live studio is what inspired her journey to Painted Dog Media. Kara has produced and directed a number of independent short films, animations, and corporate creative productions. She is a video producer, poet, environmentalist, entertainer, and has an edgy creative style. Her intrigue and sarcastic wit are the fuel to her passion for producing captivating entertainment through Painted Dog Media.

"Painted Dogs have a hunting range of around 500 square miles; which is almost three times the size of Philadelphia."


Development & Production

Daniel, Painted Dog Media's resident sales director and marketing guru, studied Marketing and International Business at the University of Pittsburgh. After graduating he took his keen marketing skills to the competitive world of Pittsburgh’s diverse restaurant scene. He then moved to New York and ran the marketing for the State University of New York’s Purchase College. During this time he created cohesive strategies across different teams and departments, working closely with multiple industries. His most recent position outside of Painted Dog Media was as a sales advisor for Tesla. His ability to adapt in a dynamic environment helped him excel in building relationships with customers and colleagues. As head of Development & Production for Painted Dog Media, Daniel's interest in all things wild, including painted dogs, started during his time volunteering at the Fort Worth Zoo. Daniel is a beer and coffee aficionado, avid Ultimate Frisbee fan, and serial book reader.

"Painted dogs democratically vote on hunts. The pack rallies together and the dominant dog initiates the voting with a sneeze. If enough dogs respond, the hunt will begin."


Line Producer

With strong strategic planning skills and a meticulous nature, Dominique ensures that every video production project runs smoothly from beginning to end and that Painted Dog Media's pack stays coordinated and focused. With a formal background in writing and copy-editing, along with keen organizational skills and a friendly disposition, Dominique has excelled in many fields, from sales to SEO and marketing. Her passion for dancing inspires her creativity and graceful control of the fierce production landscape. Her favorite childhood memories are of family adventures to see some of Africa's wildest residents - especially the elusive painted dog.

“Painted dogs are highly social creatures – the collective term for painted dogs is a pack. These packs roam Sub-Saharan Africa, the homeland of two of our founding members.”